Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Three Years!!!

Today is Jared and my three-year anniversary! I cannot believe how fast the time has gone by, and yet I feel as though I have known him forever. I love finding out new things about Jared every day, but I also love the comfort of knowing him so completely. It has been the most amazing three years of my life. Jared is the best husband I could ever imagine, and displays his deep affection for me through his daily actions. He has been working harder than ever to make sure I am as comfortable as possible and wanting me to relax as much as I can, while he goes faithfully off to work each day. What a man!

He planned out a wonderful anniversary date for us tonight that went as follows...
He arrived home at 4:30 bearing not one, but two bundles of flowers for me! One bundle was 24 beautiful red roses. The other was a gorgeous arrangement of mixed flowers. I quickly put them in vases, and then we jumped in the car. Our destination was unknown to me. He soon revealed that we were headed to Mongolian BBQ for dinner (my favorite!), and then off to get a one-hour massage. We were on a time restraint, but we enjoyed a delicious dinner at BC's, and then zoomed back to Vadnais Heights for our massages.

Let me tell you--- best hour I have had in months!! I got a pregnancy massage, which means they put this amazing pillow system under me which allowed me to lie on my tummy. It was incredible! Just laying on the pillow would have been enough to put me to sleep! The massage was amazing as well, and we both left with sleepy eyes and smiling faces!

At home, we exchanged gifts. I gave Jared a Xbox 360, so he can stay current on his gaming when he needs to relax for awhile and take a break from the baby. He gave me a BEAUTIFUL ruby necklace, that matches the ruby ring he got me for our two-year!

Here are some pictures from our night:


kristi noser said...

Congratualtions! Seems like yesterday you were married! The time does fly.
You are both such quality peeps.

erin said...

I second Kristi's sentiments!

NoOtherName said...

Naomi--look how beautiful you are! So happy for you two and excited for you to become three!