Thursday, August 09, 2007


I woke up this morning and HAD to declutterize. We have a pile stacked up in the garage almost as tall as me of junk to get rid of. I have had enough. That pile has been sitting there since last summer. Time to let it go. I loaded it all into the back of the car to drive straight to Goodwill, very satisfied to make this step. I turned around to survey the garage, and was dismayed to see only a very, very small dent in the overall clutter of the garage. The change was imperceivable to the untrained eye. Sigh.

I cheered myself with the thought that after the recycling goes out next week, we would regain another third of the garage. (There are literally mountains of empty boxes and cardboard stacked up, since we keep forgetting to put it out with the regular cans and cartons.) Then, after the dipwad who bought our dining set 2 months ago (which consists of a large table, 6 chairs, and a huge hutch), actually comes to PICK IT UP, we would have another third of the garage back! Presto! Back in business! Just not today. Sigh.


Mandi said...

I feel you on this one, Naomi. I do this monthly to my bedroom. I get rid of about 2 garbage bags full of clothes, shoes, etc. I feel SO accomplished when I drop them off at Goodwill. Then I go home and realize that I didn't clear up much space at all.

erin said...

Two things:
1. If your husband breaks his leg, your mom will come and help you clear out that clutter.
2. Dipwad is REALLY funny.

kristi noser said...

I think "dipwad" is really funny too. Never heard that one before.
I say you call them one more time and if no go, sell it to someone else. Empty space is just around the corner!