Tuesday, August 28, 2007

2007 State Fair, Day One

Emma and I went to the fair last night to have some quality nanny-baby time! It was a blast! We started off the evening by visiting Jared and the Fish 'n Chips stand. Then we were off to grab some cookies and milk. Yum! With cookies in hand, we proceeded to the Miracle of Birth Center and watched all the baby animals stumbling around (the baby sheep were Em's favorite!) When the stench of the pigs got the best of this pregnant nose, I decided it was time to move along. The rest of the evening was spent watching random balloons float overhead, browsing through the shops in Heritage Square, looking at the dinosaur statues outside the grandstand, and watching the Sky Ride cars sail by. We grabbed some mini donuts on the way out to wrap up our day at the Fair! Emma fell asleep in the car, exhausted after such an overstimulating evening, and we drove home in contented silence. It was a great night!!
Jared and I are going back today for Part Two... Our last year at the fair together without another little one in tow!

Looking at the dinosaurs!

Ooooh! Look at the Sky Ride!! She was intrigued by all the colorful sky cars sailing by overhead.

Emma being very content after downing a couple baskets of fries, half a piece of fish, two Sweet Martha's cookies, a whole cup of chocolate milk, and three mini donuts!!!

Em and me at the fair!


erin said...

Looks like a fun girls night!
Glad it went well--you're gonna be a great mom!

Anonymous said...

Aahhhh.... how cute! Thanks for taking Emma to the fair Naomi--you are a brave Nanny! I was worried about you getting the babe and the stroller (a.k.a. BUS) on and off the bus, but was happy to hear that "Minnesota nice" kicked in and helped you out. The morning after your adventure, Josh kept asking Emma what she had to eat at the fair, and when she didn't answer, Josh said I needed to ask you! Josh and I felt so weird at the fair without her, but we were so ecstatic to run into you. I am laughing at the fact that she liked the cable cars, because she was GLUED to those the night before when we took her!

Thanks again for taking her out there. I second Erin's comment about you making a great mom, because you are already the BEST NANNY EVER!