Thursday, August 30, 2007


I have this new pregnancy complex, where I wake up in the middle of the night, and my body thinks "Ahh! A brand new day! Time to be up and about!"

Problem is, it is freakin 3AM!!

So here I sit at my computer, wanting desperately to be entertained, but strangely enough NO ONE has updated their blogs since I checked them at 11pm last night. Weird? Where are all the other people with a complex who sit awake at all hours of the night with nothing better to do than update their blogs?!?

Not tired ooooone single bit.

Okay, I'm gonna go pet Bumper. And get a drink. And look at the cat (and think about how much the poop it just laid STINKS). Night all.


Mandi said...

When I stopped at your house the other day to pick up my car, I was greeted just inside the door by both Bumper and the kitty. I didn't recognize bumper...i've never seen him with short hair! Kitty was very affectionate.

kristi noser said...

Take one lemon, squeeze the juice into 1 qt of water and drink. Cleanses the liver and you will sleep better.
Give 'er a try!