Thursday, August 16, 2007

Flash Flood

Well we had an interesting night last night.

This week Jared was offered to go into work an hour early for the next month, and pick up some overtime hours. So all this week, he has been getting up at 2am, and has to be to work by 3am. This means that he really needs to get to bed EARLY. So we have been eating dinner at 3:30pm, and have him in bed by 7pm. Last night, however, there were two different people scheduled to come at 7:00 to pick up pieces of furniture that we sold on Craig's List (yes, we re-sold the dining set, sorry dipwad). So As soon as they left, Jared and I headed up to get him to bed.

I had mentioned to him earlier in the day that our washing machine was on the fritz. Something weird was going on. I had put in a load, and after the cycle was complete, I opened the lid to find a bunch of SOAKING WET clothes. I just wrung them out and threw them in the dryer.

Anyways, Jared needed to wash his work clothes for today, and threw them in the washing machine. After about 15 minutes, we still heard the water running, so he went back to check on it, and found about 1" of water flooding the laundry room floor. We did the scramble throwing towels down and hastily moving everything out of the way. After sopping up all the excess water, Jared moved the washing machine out from the wall. Sure enough, the brilliant team of Pulte plumbers had left the plug in the disaster pan.

When did all this happen? Yeah, exactly halfway through a romp in the bedroom, if you know what I mean. We were doing damage control in the nude.

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erin said...

TOO funny!
Glad it was an easy fix, though!