Monday, August 27, 2007

Meet Me at the Fair!

Jared is working at the Fish and Chips stand next to the Midway. He is only working the two Sundays and Mondays of the fair, but he will be there from 10am until 12:30 am. Fourteen and a half hours. Whew! If any of you are near the Midway (right next to the horse barn), stop by and say hello to him! Visitors always make the day more fun, especially when the age gap between you and the next oldest worker spans more than a decade...

Getting ready to start his year at the fair!

This is like his shot with a celebrity. Here he is posing with a Fair alum, who worked that stand for eight years! I trained him in, and now left him to fend for himself. I am a proud wife.


kristi noser said...

We stopped by there and had crabcakes on Friday. Mmmmmm crabcakes....Bring some home willya Jared?

erin said...

How was the fair last night? Did Emma like it?

Anonymous said...


The fish and chips were GREAT, especially when they were served with a smile! :) Thanks!!