Monday, February 26, 2007

"My Sunday Afternoon"

Yesterday I awoke to a beautiful, snow-covered world. White, fluffy snow glistened in the morning sunlight. I attended a beautiful wedding on Saturday night, where the theme was so appropriate... snowflakes! All the bridesmaids lined up in their various-shades-of-blue dresses, holding a single white rose sprayed with blue glitter. The bride donned clear, shiny nails, topped with blue glitter and a little snowflake in the corner of her ring finger. Since the snow came so quickly, I spent the night at a friend's house.

At some point over the weekend I had lost my socks in all the chaos, and thus trudged outside to brush off by car with my barefeet shoved inside my shoes. The snow was THICK and it took quite a while to remove it all from my car. Task completed, I hopped in my car to go spend a few hours with precious Emma. I attempted to plow through the huge drift of snow at the end of the driveway, and on my fourth attempt, I made it to the road. As soon as I started driving, I noticed the bright red battery light staring me in the face. Oh no. This happened last weekend and it meant the serpentine belt broke. I was running on battery power and knew I would not make it very far. After finding out that Jared's serpentine belt had broken that morning as well, and thus was stranded at work, I lost all control and cried until my eyes were red and puffy. I slowly made my way to the church parking lot, about 1 mile away.

Luckily, my handy dandy mechanic father was at church, and was able to determine that the belt had, in fact, not broken, but merely popped off due to a copious amount of snow packed around the pullies. Again, I cried, but this time because I was glad the problem was not as serious as I originally thought. I drove it to my parents house, with the family behind me, ready to rescue me if necessary. Upon arrival, dad turned down the bed for me, mom made me some lunch, and then they sent me off to bed (crying, of course, because I was so tired and stressed out). Meanwhile, dad spent his Sunday afternoon out in the garage fixing my car. After replacing the belt, he realized something was out of alignment, and fixed that problem as well. Yay for daddies! After my much needed two-hour nap, I awoke to a brand new car, and a hug from my dad. As I was leaving, he whispered in my ear,

"There is nothing else I would rather do with my Sunday afternoon than help my little girl."

Yeah, I cried.


erin said...

Aw...I'm so glad it worked out! I was so worried about you!

Papar said...

I love you my Foofy,
Your Papar

kristi noser said...

Naomi, you've been doing a lot of crying lately, are you sure your'e not pregnant or something?
Maybe you should check that out....
Yes, Jim after a stress filled donut morning (and I mean that with all sincerity) can still pull up the bootstraps and fix your car. What a man!

Cara said...

So what IS the latest car situation? Maybe you WILL get to borrow the big van from Gary again???? You looked SO HOT driving that thing.....

Hope my "humor" is appropriate--I really am praying for your vehicle situation! Hang in there, and tell Jared and Rich to lay off the beer while trying to fix the car, maybe they can be better diagnosticians that way!

Love you!