Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Husband of the Year

I have nominated Jared to be husband of the year. He is so good at surprising me in the most amazing ways. Here is the latest example. On Friday night I had a slumber party for all my girlfriends. Jared told me to call him after all the girls arrived because he had a special surprise for us. So at 7:15, I called. With a sparkle in his voice he told me to open the junk drawer in our kitchen and reach underneath. My fingers ran across something taped there. I pulled it off and found a 5-dollar bill taped to a clue that read:

"Here is some money to help with yor doo, if you want some more go look where we poo."

Hahaha! This led the group of girls on a hilarious, loooong, treasure hunt. I gathered $5 with each new clue, and at the end of the hunt, my prize was a 100-dollar bill!! Jared saved this money up for me so I could get my hair extensions! Seriously! Who thinks of such a fun game! And what makes it even better is that every clue rhymed, every clue had $5 taped to it, and it took him the better part of 2 hours to complete. What a guy!

Happy wife.

I am going to get my hair done tomorrow at 2pm! I am SO EXCITED! I will post the before and after picture tomorrow night when I get home!


kristi noser said...

I'm having fun just thinking up rhymes for all the clues....

erin said...

That was a really fun night! I can't WAIT to see your hair!!!

Cara said...

Sorry I missed the treasure hunt--it sounds like it was a blast! The best part about this is that I texted Jared before I read this and told him that he should be presented with the "Husband of the Year Award!" What a good wholesome, romantic guy..... Josh has already told me not to expect anything like that, so I won't get my hopes up, but what a fun surprise for you! I can't wait to see your hair!