Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentines

Happy Valentines Day to all! Did any of you wake up to an amazing surprise? Get breakfast in bed, or walk out of your room this morning to a bunch of roses or chocolates? Do you have wonderful plans for a romantic evening? I want to hear your stories. Do tell.

Jared and I are planning to postpone our celebration until tomorrow night. Not because we can't tonight-- we are wide open this evening. Simply because neither one of us has the energy or will to fight the crazy love bird rush tonight. We have attempted to go out for dinner on Valentines in past years, and always hear "Sorry, there is a 4 hour wait," and we always end up at KFC or McD's. But since we are dead set on going to Timber Lodge this year, and know for a fact we wouldn't get served until we should be in bed sleeping, we decided exercise our patience and wait.
We also made a pact not to buy any V-Day gifts, and instead treat eachother to gifts and luxuries on our cruise in a few weeks. I am positive this is the better bargain! Everytime we go on vacation, we have to save up so much just to pay for the travel and lodging that we never have any money left over for spending or special treats. So I am pretty PSYCHED that this vacation is already paid for, and that we will actually have a little spending money!

Well that is all the love I have to give today. I am saving it all up for tomorrow.

Bring on the stories!


Cara said...

Well Ne, you saw my gift. I woke up this morning and went downstairs to pump, and was awakened out of my sleep walk to a HUGE bouget of ballons on the kitchen table, and a seemingly small (in comparison to the gigantic balloons) bouquet of 12 red roses, complete with a card that melted my heart. It read something like, "To the best wife and mother ever"--signed by my hubby and Em! Dinner plans are supposed to include a trip to our favorite restaurant that just opened in Coon Rapids--Texas Road House--but Josh has a huge event at work today, and in an event to make him not scurry home while the corporate officials are breathing over his back, I told him this morning that if he needed to work late, we could always hit up Chipotle when he gets home.

Hope Em is surrounding you with love on this Valentine's Day!


erin said...

Rich and I are talking steak and then Fleet Farm. Should be a very romantic evening.