Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Winter Wonderland, oh please!

That cruise and sunny 80 degree weather sounds pretty good right now.

I went to start my car this morning at 9:45, an hour and a half before I needed to be to work. I went out and found my car was white, not black! It was completely covered with burning cold snow. I opened the back door very carefully so as not to let much snow fall into the car. Whatever. A huge drift of snow snuck into the car so fast that by the time the door was cracked enough for me to see inside, the entire back seat was covered.

With my fingers pulled inside my coat sleeves (since my mittens have been missing for coldest week in a decade) I started my car and then got out to brush off the snow. After a short 3 minutes, I could not feel my fingers anymore and had to retreat into the house for warmth. I dug through an old hat/mitten box and finally found some old ratty gloves. I slipped them on as soon as my fingers were warm, and ran back out into the cold. After about 10-15 minutes, the job was finally done. That is how much snow was on my car. And since it was still snowing, a new layer was beginning to form. About halfway through this hideous process, my eyes began to well up with tears because the cold hurt so much. But I held them back with all my might because I was worried the liquid would freeze on my face causing further pain! How often does a worry like that cross your mind! Ugh!

When the car was finally ready, I marched angrily into the garage to thaw out a little and immediatly called Jared. I grumpily demanded, "The next house we get HAS to have a double garage that is NOT FILLED WITH CRAP!" Poor Jared. He took it very well and was very understanding. He is such a wonderful husband and promised a clean garage coming soon.

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