Thursday, February 15, 2007

Valentine's Surprise

I was surprised last night to arrive home to a beautiful candlelit dinner being made for me! Jared made ribeye steaks wrapped in bacon, parmesan couscous, and green peas, complete with sparkling red grape juice!! YUM-O!

While he prepared dinner, I made my delicious chocolate mousse to enjoy for dessert, then ran upstairs and to throw on my party dress! We had a great Valentine's, and way more fun than going to Timberlodge any day!

Here are some pictures from our evening...


Cara said...

Aww.... how adorable! What a romantic! Do you still get to go to Timberlodge tonight???

naomirose said...

No, I told him that we did not need to go out tonight to TImberlodge because he gave me such a wonderful evening last night!