Saturday, March 03, 2007

Week in Review

3:45 am- Ford serpentine belt shreds to pieces
10:20 am- Mazda throws serpentine belt
2:30pm- Jared gets a ride home from work with co-worker, Ford rots in NWA parking ramp
4:45 pm- Dad fixes Mazda

8:30 am- Jared replaces Ford serpentine belt at work
2:45pm- Ford has severe troubles accelerating and has general loss of power
4:00pm- Ford is misdiagnosed at CarCare

All day- Jared and Richard replace mass airflow pump (or something like that)
Evening- Ford still rotting

All day- Jared and Richard replace fuel pump, fuel gauge, test exhaust line and catalytic converter
11:15pm- Ford still broken, but Jared drives it home, check engine light appears

All day- Ford rots in our driveway

3:45am- Ford dies by 35E
3:50am- Jared calls AAA to tow it to the shop
4:10am- Gary arrives to drive Jared home to pick up Mazda
4:35am- Jared drives back to where he left the Ford, it is gone
4:37am- Jared calls AAA, they don't have it
4:39am- Jared calls police, they impounded it (yes in the 45 minutes he was gone)
6:00am- Jared arrives at work 2 hours late
5:30pm- Arrive at impound lot and pay $160 to get our car back
6:00pm- AAA tows Ford to Ford dealership to get fixed
7:00pm- we go home

3:30am- Mazda throws a pully, Jared barely makes it back into the driveway
3:35am- Naomi runs downstairs after hearing the garage door open, Jared breaks the news
3:35- 3:42am- TEARS
4:15am- Gary picks us both up, we drive Jared to work
2:30pm- Jared gets a ride home from co-worker (who can't believe his story at this point)
Present- both cars out of commission, Gary offers his RELIABLE minivan for the next few days until we leave to go on our much needed CRUISE VACATION.


Papar said...

Thank goodness for people that care.

Yea Gary!!

erin said...

Girl, you need a vacation!
I'm so sorry...Rich have been praying hard for this. I feel like we're all in this together. God has a plan and will take care of you--I promise!

kristi noser said...

Naomi, seems like it's raining for you and Jared right now. That is no fun at all! I'm so sorry, really stinks when you have car trouble that is seemingly endless.
We'll pray for a car!

idnak said...

Naomi, as a Chevy girl, I have to say that it's time to come to your senses and get a real car - a Ford doesn't count. :D
That being said, remember that my husband is a mechanic, and he can help! Call us!