Tuesday, March 20, 2007

We Have a Nursery! Strange!

Yesterday I picked up several paint color samples from Menards for the nursery! Then I spent about a half an hour mixing and matching colors until I came up with two different combinations that I just loved. One is a six color slide from aqua blue, to purple. The other is a combo of pastels: orange, yellow, green and blue. I showed both of them to Jared and, of course, he liked both of them instantly. After arriving home last night, we taped both of the color combinations up on the wall, and we simultaneously turned to eachother and agreed instantly on one over the other. The hues of aqua/blue/purple just didn't look right. The orange and yellow in the other combo just looked so bright and cheerful, and very gender nuetral! When we realized we had decided for sure on the color scheme for our baby's room, we just looked at each other, smiled and then hugged.

I checked today in the Menards ad, and it is just our luck that they are having a $5 off sale on all of their Dutch Boy paint this week! We are picking up the paint for OUR BABY'S ROOM in about 2 hours! Yay! This is becoming a little more real...


Cara said...

Hooray! You guys are getting a super early start! Paint before the first appointment--that's a record! Just remember to let Jared do the painting--babies don't like the fumes in-utero!

Have fun--can't wait to see the finished product, and can I just reiterate that we can't wait to have friends that have a baby too!

erin said...

What fun!! I can't wait to see your colors!