Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Meet Bug!

You can see the umbilical cord coming out of Bug's tummy
Another beautiful profile
Cute little feet!
Unfortunately, we didn't get very many good photos to take home, but here are the best. The ultrasound went well, and Bug appeared perfectly healthy. The sonographer was very thorough, which we were thankful for, and it was interesting to know what we were looking at the whole time. However, we were pretty disappointed/frustrated that she refused to do a 3D ultrasound for us (which Lakeview advertises and one of the bonuses we were really looking forward to). She gave us a very lame excuse about babies at 20 weeks look "really freaky" in 3D (There are so many things wrong with that statement and I was pretty enraged. Babies NEVER look freaky, they are beautiful at every stage Lady!!) We pressed it further and she said maybe she would try. When the ultrasound came to an end, she said "Oh, looks like the arm is in front of the face, which means I can't do 3D." WHAT? I'm trying to keep perspective here, that Bug is healthy and that we even got to have an ultrasound and see him/her at all. I was just really excited about seeing Bug in 3D.


erin said...

Bug is beautiful! I totally understand about the 3D images. I was disappointed, too.

The Smackeys said...

Yay for Bug being so cute! That's SO dumb that she wouldn't do the 3D one! Between 19-24wks is like the best time to do them because they are still small enough that you can see so much! I'm sorry your tech was dumb. I would definitely mention it to the hospital since both you and Erin had the same problems. Aside from all that I love Bug's beautiful little profile! :)

Ariel said...

Yay! Bug is so sweet. Love those little toes! Boy or girl, this child is well loved by all, but there is a part of me that is hoping for Bug to be a boy so that Henrik has a boy cousin. That seems obviously selfish. But there it is.

Cara said...

Just precious.