Monday, November 02, 2009

Twice Chewed

Last night for my birthday party, the family went out to Donatelli's in White Bear Lake. Uncle Josh went over to say hi to Jazlyn when we were all at the table...

Josh: Is that...? Is she chewing GUM??

Jared, convulsing with disgust, digs in her mouth and discovers that our one-year-old is indeed chewing a wad of gum. I'll let you guess where it came from.



jim said...

It grosses me out but I remember doing that....digging around under the restaurant tabletops for a gob that wasn't too hard. Oh if I only knew then what I know now.....Maybe that's what stunted my growth?!? and all the time I thought it was the coffee I drank as a young boy.

Lauren said...

TOO funny!

erin said...

Hahahaha! Nasty!
Good choice of a restaurant for your birthday, though!

Kara Jo said...

OH uck! So so nastay!!! Guess she's discovered the best spot for forgotten treasures.

LOVE Donatelli's!