Monday, November 02, 2009

17 Weeks

This week has been a good one! Bug has been craving healthi-er foods, which is good for both of us. I have also found that my thirst for water has increased (It's always been difficult for me to drink plain water, so this is also good!)

I am growing daily, and you'll find me each morning digging through the closet in search of a pair of jeans that fit decently. I have been employing the hairband method, as well as the Bella band now, as none of my pants fit buttoned anymore. :)

I have felt in good health this week too! No nauseau! I have been extremely tired again this week, but I think that is due to spending the past 3 weekends away from home.

This past weekend I went to a quilting retreat, and had the chance to make a new baby blanket for Bug! I think it could be appropriate for a boy or girl, right??

Craving of the Week: Chili


Anonymous said...

I love the quilt!! Super cute fabric and I do think it can be for a girl or a boy.


Ariel said...

The quilt is so beautiful! Hope you had a fun weekend...

erin said...

Looks great! (You AND the quilt!)