Sunday, November 22, 2009

Out of Stock

I have been thoroughly unimpressed with the retail market lately. It seems like every time I go to the store to pick up one little thing, it is out of stock.
Or they don't carry that item anymore.
Or they just don't carry that item.

This is frustrating enough in itself, but is magnified when you have two children under two to put coats and shoes on, carry up the endless flight of steps, strap one into the car, chase the other one across the yard and rip her off the tricycle, strap that crying child in, drive to the nearest store, unstrap both said children, strap one into the cart, carry other (heavier) child because she refuses to walk, finally get into the store, walk to the complete opposite side of the building (it seems like everything I ever need is across the ENTIRE store), search the aisles in vain, search the STORE for a staff member to help, only for them to point me to the aisle I was just in, explain that I already looked, and hear "Oh, I don't think carry that item then." (Really? You won't even look it up in your computer to verify? Do you realize I will kill you if you make me drag these kids all across town looking for this item, and then find it here next week?)

It seems to me that recently, stores have not only been struggling to keep their shelves fully stocked, but also to keep quality (*ahem* helpful) employees on staff too.


angie said...

i just got exhausted for you. :(

erin said...

I HEAR you, sisterfriend.