Monday, November 30, 2009

21 Weeks

Our Thanksgiving weekend was fantastic, and Bug got plenty to eat :)
I have had a very normal week again, with the exception of ending each day completely exhausted. Exhausted doesn't even describe it. I'm not sure there is a sufficient word. I never remember feeling this tired the first two pregnancies (for good reason I suppose), and didn't even feel so devoid of energy after giving birth! I am praying I regain some level of energy back, or I'm not sure I'll stay sane til April!

Bug is getting stronger each day, and I am starting to feel little kicks through my belly now. S/he is also getting more active, and actually kept me up at about 3am the other night with a kickboxing routine.

Craving of the Week: turkey, of course

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erin said...

How convenient that you craved turkey this week! :) I think Bug is very considerate.