Monday, December 07, 2009


Jared and I took Sophia on a special date to the Mall of America to get her a Build-a-Bear for Christmas! Here are some pictures of our adventure!
Leaving for the MOA very excited!

Sophia and Mommy

Sophia and Daddy

First stop, water fountain to throw a penny in!

Shoppin with Mom



We were visited by a SHARK!!

Picking an animal at Build-a-Bear! (A 45 minute process!)

Choosing a sound to go in her pink unicorn. She almost chose the Lion ROAR!! But she decided on the horse whinny. Whew.

The fluff machine was the coolest.

Washing "Horsie" in the air bath! (A 30 minute process!)

Finding more friends at Build-a-Bear

Next stop, candy shop. Very happy about that sucker!

A happy girl huggin her new horsie, heading home

Three minutes later...


Ariel said...

Love the last pic-- shopped till she dropped. So much fun!

erin said...

You guys are such awesome (and patient) parents! Glad you got to have a special date with your girly.

The Smackeys said...

TOO CUTE! She's getting so big and getting such long hair! I miss you guys! XOOX

carrie said...

I love her tights - too cute! And the last two pictures are perfect - out like a light.