Monday, December 07, 2009

23 Weeks

Not much time has elapsed since I posted last week's update, but one notable development is the start of Braxton-Hicks contractions. I have had 3-4 per day for the last few days now. I didn't expect to get them quite this early, but hopefully it's just a sign that my body is remembering what to do and labor is a snap. :) Hopefully.

Now that I am at 23 weeks, time seems to have slowed down for me a little. The first twenty flew by in a heartbeat, but the past three have crawled by at a snail's pace. When titling my post tonight, I thought to myself "Really? I am only 23 weeks?" I attribute this change of pace to the largening of my body. Time goes slower when you feel uncomfortable and... large. No, I realize I am not huge yet, or even close, but my body is certainly not normal, and it's hard to deal with the sudden change... like searching for clothes that fit every single morning.

I feel Bugger moving around all the time now. Not just kicks anymore, but the squirming too. Always a delightful, yet strange, feeling. I love it!

Craving of the Week: Jeans that fit AND stay up.


erin said...

Oh, I forgot to mention BH cx's in my post. I noticed them this week, too. I didn't have them with SJ. It's so WEIRD!
You look great as ever.

carrie said...

Your fam photo is fantastic. It turned out very nice. And your 23 week photo looks great too.