Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I Got Tagged

Ten Years Ago: I was fourteen, going to homeschool co-op, playing with friends, loving up my 3-year-old sister, trying to navigate through that bumpy pubecent year. Fourteen was my worst "transition" year.

My To Do List Today:
-Run a load to storage
-Do laundry
-List junk on Craig's List
-Look at Baby Names
-Start a sewing project
-Call Andy

Snacks That I Enjoy:
-Oreos and ice cold milk
-Ripple Chips and french onion dip
-Apples and peanut butter

Things I would do with a Million Dollars:
-Pay off all our debt
-Buy a house (with a huge garage, a workshop for Jared, a big yard, and a double bathroom sink)
-Set up college funds for all our kids
-Put a lot into savings


Cara said...

Thanks for playing!

Kara Jo said...

Fun to read, Naomi! When did you live in Lester Prairie, MN? Not many have even heard of that town. ;)

Joshua said...

wow... How random?!?! ;)