Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Surprise Weekend!

On Friday morning, Abby and I woke up to our husbands handing us a piece of paper (she slept over the night before). The paper was a clue, leading us on a treasure hunt that resulted in a one hour massage at the deluxe Spalon Montage. When we were finished getting pampered, a lady behind the desk handed us another clue, with money for coffee, and instructions to get home quickly. When we arrived, we discovered the boys had planned a surprise camping trip to Temperance River. We packed up as fast as we could and spent a wonderful weekend together camping, hiking, resting, eating and shopping. It was wonderful. Thank you Ben and Jared!

Hiking on Temperance River

Cool foam patterns on the water

One of the "violent waterfalls" we were to watch out for

Ben and Abby

Ab scaling the rock wall

At the top!
Abby and Ben in the woods
Me and the hus


The river raging through the rocks

Da boyz
We found a deep pool that was beautiful...

...and stopped for a snack
The boys decided it was time for a dip-- in the 55 degree weather!
1, 2, 3, JUMP!
Laughing cuz it was SO COLD. I think out of hysteria.
We rested while they swam.
That evening, after HOT showers, we went shopping in Grand Marias
Enjoying hot coffee and homemade donuts.


Kara Jo said...

Oh how totally fun! That hubby of yours never ceases to amaze me. What a gem!

Hey, who had Sophia?

Cara said...

OMG, what a fun experience! You honestly had no idea that he had this planned? So he got all the camping gear packed and Sophia packed to stay with the grandparents, and you had no idea? That Jared is a keeper.....

Naomi said...

KJ- My mom showed up as we were packing and whisked Sophia away for the weekend. Jared had it all set up with her.
Cara- Jared IS a keeper, but no, he did not have anything packed. I packed Sophia, and myself, while he packed the camping gear. It was a blast though!

-V- said...

THAT is beautiful... Fun to brag on the husband, isn't it? Mmm... :-)

Joshua said...

WOW! It looks like a beautiful place... I'll have to get directions! Isn't it fun to have a trip outdoors with your beloved?!?!? Fun! I'm, jealous that I didn't get to go... Oh well, maybe later on this fall. :)