Friday, September 26, 2008


Jared rode his motorcycle to work today. When he arrived, he reached into his backpack to retrieve the styrofoam container of Olive Garden leftovers, and realized it was gone. The zipper was open. It must have flown out during the ride. Slightly annoyed, he unzipped the bag further to find that though he lost the container, he had not lost his lunch. There in the bottom of his bag was a large clump of saucy noodles. Imagine the look on his co-worker's faces as he reached in with bare hands and pulled out his noodle-wad saying, "What? We ran out of containers."


erin said...

LOL!! Gross!
Talk about "losing your lunch."

Joshua said...


Kara Jo said...

Oh. That. is. nasty. But leave it to Jared to make a joke out of it!