Saturday, August 23, 2008

Married Alive!

PRODUCTION: Married Alive! (At Chanhassen Dinner Theaters)

DURATION: Playing through November 1, 2008. The show runs approx. 2 hrs 10 mins. For a schedule of show times, visit their website.

COST: Show-Only: $27-$45* OR Dinner and show: $39-$57*
*depending on which showtime you choose

CONTENT: It is hilarious and touching. It is a 4-man show that takes you into the lives of a newly-wed couple and an older couple. It takes you on the journey that a typical modern marriage follows these days. There are the out-of-control funny moments, and the sober, sad moments that every marriage encounters. This show engaged all of my emotions.

RECOMMENDATION: I would definitely recommend this to ANY married couple (wouldn't be so funny to dating or singles). It was totally worth every penny.

Here is the description on their website:
MARRIED ALIVE! is a funny and touching new musical that looks in on two married couples, one newlywed and one oldywed. The production focuses on the trials, joys, triumphs and defeats that are found in contemporary marriage. It's fast paced and at times sharp, but always affectionate. From babies to empty nests, job stress to domestic bliss, four actors and one piano comprise the evening's entertainment. Recommended for adult theatre-goers.

Click here for more information or to order tickets.


erin said...

Did Jared like it?

Naomi said...

He loved it as much as I did! He totally hates musicals. But even though there was a lot of music in this one, all the songs were packed with hilarious lyrics and were just as funny and some of the script. So, yes, Jared loved it too.

Cara said...

I was going to ask the same question as Erin! Josh is okay with musicals--he even laughed when I drug him to Mama Mia at the theatre last week--so he should like it! We may have to check this one out! Thanks for the suggestion Naomi! Erin--wanna double-date?

Kara Jo said...

Sounds like a good one. Glad you got to go!

Cara said...

Guess what? I went with friends to get a drink the other night at Applebee's, and they had a flyer in our bar tab to receive $15 off EACH ticket to see Married Alive! We might actually get to this one!