Monday, July 07, 2008

Mexico II

Upon arrival in Cancun, our first order of business was to get our rental car (which we rented for $9/day! Awesome!). We found it quickly and I was thrilled to see the smallest car I've ever laid eyes on. It was totally hilarious.

We jumped in our zippy little Hyundai, and were on our way. We had an hour-long drive to get to Akumal where we were staying. Since my boobs were literally about to explode I hand expressed as best I could in the car.(Anyone ever tried this? Oh my gosh.)

We heard rumor of a Wal-Mart in Playa Del Carmen, on the way, and decided we needed to make a stop. We arrived in Playa and drove around for about 30 minutes until we finally found the Wal-Mart. Once inside, I could not believe the prices! They were outrageously expensive for some things, and pretty normal for others! Example: A sundress was $35.00, and a can of soda was 55 cents. Anyways, we headed for the baby section and bought a manual breast pump for $20. After hand-expressing, a manual pump was sheer heaven.

By 5:30pm, made it to the Gran Bahia Principe, and checked-in. The resort was HUGE, but luckily our room was close to the center of the resort, which contained the buffet, pools, beaches, and bars.

After settling into our room, I couldn't fight the tears any longer and burst into tears. I was exhausted from the long day of travel, exhausted from the heat (92 degrees, 100% humidity!), starving, frustrated beyond belief about the breast pump, and most of all, missed my little girl.

Jared held me until the tears subsided, then he surprised me by grabbing the laptop and bringing me to an area of the resort that had free wireless! (He had talked to customer service during check-in without my knowledge. I didn't think we could get internet access at the resort!!!) Internet access meant we could talk to Sophia! Using Yahoo messenger, we could call my parents using free PC-to-PC calling. Hearing Sophia squealing in the background made me tear up again, but I felt much better hearing what a little angel she had been all day.

(Having a much needed drink before dinner. Orange Fanta. Mmm.)

That night we went to a Japanese restaurant (one of the 9 restaurants at the resort) for dinner at 10pm. We got to sit at the table where the chef cooks our meal right in front of us. It was a great end to our first day.

Waiting for dinner at the Mikado

At the chef's table

The HILARIOUS shuttle buses that took us around the huge resort

Relaxing on the shuttle

Our first night in Mexico

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Ariel said...

Yeah! It's fun to read about your trip in installments... Can't wait for Mexico III...