Saturday, July 05, 2008

Mexico I

Jared and I returned yesterday from an amazing vacation to Mexico. I will post several times about the trip to cover all the highlights. Let's start at the beginning...

Jared and I left Monday, June 30th, at 5am. I made a huge mistake before we even got to the airport that changed our trip slightly. I did not even realize my mistake until we were in Memphis, TN headed for the bathroom during our layover. On my shoulder was my electric breast pump. On my chest were my engorged boobs. I got all set to start pumping and realized I did not have the bottles that attach to the breast pump. I used them that morning, washed them out and set them on the counter to dry. They were still on the counter 4 states away. Tears have never sprung to my eyes so quickly. What would I do for the next 5 days? What would I do now to relief the pressure? How could I make such a stupid mistake? I ran to Jared and bawled in his comforting arms as he whispered assurances into my ear. Everything will work out. Don't even think about it right now.

(Entertaining ourselves during our layover)

After the initial devastation and conclusion that I had ruined our trip, God helped me calm down and had a very nice surprise in store. When our plane started boarding for Cancun, we had seats in an exit row, and went up to board early. The gate agent glanced at me briefly and announced for everyone to hear that I could not sit in the exit row because I'm pregnant and I might hurt the baby should anything happen to the plane. (My thought: If anything should happen to the plane, who cares where I'm sitting? Lifting a 33lb door isn't going to hurt the baby more than a PLANE CRASH!) I admit that I got a little grumpy at this point. Another young couple heard the loud gate agent and offered to switch with us. Of course their seats were about 5 rows from the back of the plane. After we were wedged into our new seats for about 10 minutes, the same gate agent came and found us. She looked at us and asked "Are you Jared and Naomi?" We nodded. With a very monotone, she said "You are supposed to be up here. You're in the wrong seats." I huffily told her that she moved us back here because I am pregnant, making sure she knew by my tone that my current level of discomfort was entirely her fault. She replied, "Yes, I'm moving you again." Then she led us to FIRST CLASS! She was very sweet and said she just found out on her computer that Jared was an NWA employee. With her kindness, came a wave of guilt for my bad attitude.

(Meal in first class!)

We had an amazing ride in First Class, and shared our wealth of space with only one other couple that made the ride even better. They were from Arkansas, in their early 50's and as wild and fun as any newlywed couple. The man turned and asked us if we liked his hair. He was wearing a red visor and his hair was dark brown with bleach tips, all spiked up and crazy. We told him it was wild. Then he took off his visor as he said "Well, thank you!" The hair came with it. He was as bald as Sophia's bottom! The hair was sewn into the visor. The wife giggled and laughed, thinking he was so funny, but so cheesy. THAT is the kind of couple they were. We were entertained the whole 2 hours.

(Click on the picture to enlarge and see the funny guy's hair visor!)

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Kara Jo said...

I'm just now getting caught up on the blogs...I'm dying to find out how you fixed the engorgement/missing pump bottles dilemma. I would have cried, too. I'll read on...