Monday, July 21, 2008

First Family Vacation!

We had our first ever family vacation this weekend. We drove down to Milwaukee to attend a family wedding (Jared's cousin, Staci). It was a mini family reunion, as we saw most of Jared's relatives (Jan's side) that we haven't seen in a few years. It was a very fun weekend catching up with everyone. We were a little uncertain of how Sophia would do since we have never traveled with her, but she blew us away. She was a little trooper and did GREAT the whole time.
Starting the 5 hour road trip

Jared drove the whole way. Thanks honey:)
Passing the time on Sesame Street
Stretching her legs at the hotel!
"Hmmm....What can I get into next?"
Playing with the ever-fascinating drawers

During the wedding ceremony, Sophia and I had to watch through a window. Sophie thought it would be fun to talk to the bride and groom as they walked by, and everyone else in attendance. We had play time in the hallway where she found two other babies to talk to. One would babble, then the other would respond with babble, then Sophie would babble. It was actually quite funny.

Family photo after the ceremony

Mr. and Mrs. Butalla

Jared and Sophia at the reception

Me and my girl at the reception

Eating our yummy dinner

Family dance

Sophia jivin' with her Daddy

When the music started and the disco lights came on, Sophia was totally amazed. She just couldn't get enough of the swirling lights.

Dancing with Cassie and Brandon

Congratulations Staci and Eric!

Ooooooh yeah. I'm ready to hit the road. Let's go home. (At McD's on the way home.)


Cara said...

Milwaukee is a LONG boring drive, huh? We do that trip to my parents' at least 10 times a year. Thanks goodness for portable DVD players! :) So glad you guys had a great trip!

Jodi said...

Wish we could have seen you guys while you were in town! :)

NoOtherName said...

Wow--could she be any cuter? Not likely. And that is one sweet and groovy prego dress, there, you pretty prego, you!

Way to go on your first trip with baby!