Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Welcome Shirley Jean!

Shirley Jean Desvousges
was born to Richard and Erin this morning after 26 long hours of labor!!
March 18th, 2008
10:28 am
21 inches

We went to meet Shirley this morning, when she was only one hour old. She is beautiful!!! She has a good tuft of red hair. Erin called her a little "strawberry." It was the perfect name. She is adorable. Erin is looking amazing, but obviously feeling exhausted. She said Shirley did a great job breastfeeding on her first try! What a little miracle. We are SO happy for you Erin and Richard. We love you Shirley Jean. We can't wait for all the crazy sleepovers and tea parties you and Sophia will share. God bless your new family.


kristi noser said...

I can't believe how much she looks like Erin.

Katie R. said...

Yes!!!! Yipppeeee! Way to go and welcome Miss Shirley Jean, glad you're here.

Jodi said...

Can't wait to meet you, Shirley!

angie said...

i love her!! she is definitely erin's little mini-me. :) thanks for posting more pics!

Cara said...

Welcome Shirley Jean! We are going to have so much fun with all of these girls! :) You and Jared are amazing visitors--you came and saw us at one hour too! What great friends--we are all so blessed!

erin said...

Who did you think she'd look like?