Sunday, March 09, 2008


I have bacterial conjunctivitis and I am extremely contageous. Don't come near me or I'll share my disease. Watch out.


erin said...

G.E.T. B.E.T.T.E.R.
I'm bound to have a baby eventually and you need to be able to hold it.

-V- said...

Ugh - sounds serious; yes, get better soon!

Cara said...

Is this possibly from the Sophia eye-scratching incident?

Get better, pink eye!

Anonymous said...

I got "pink-eye" right after Andy and Ben were born.

Wash your hands alot

Love you


carrie said...

I was wondering what bacterial conjuctivitis was. I know what pink eye is. Hope everything has cleared up.

erin said...

How are you feeling?