Saturday, March 15, 2008

My Husband, My Hero

Let's talk about Jared for a minute. He is amazing. I was having a total pregnancy meltdown this afternoon and texted him to share my distress. Here was the conversation...

N: "I am beside myself. I am so hungry and everything is making me gag. This is so much harder this time."
J: "Ok. We are going shopping and getting you 20 things that sound good. We will walk around the store 'til we find them."
N: "Thank you Jared. You are the best. There are tears running down my face right now."
J: "Cause I love you!"

After he got home from work, he brought me to the grocery store and we spent 45 minutes walking up and down every single aisle, picking out things that sound good to me. When we got home, and put everything away, he asked what I wanted for dinner. I could hardly decide cuz there was so many wonderful choices, and none of them made me want to gag!!
I turned to Jared and said, "Earlier today, I would open the fridge, look at the choices, gag, then cry. Now, I open the fridge, look at the choices, salivate, then cry (in sheer delight!). THANK YOU!"


erin said...

Cute! You guys make such a good team.

Lis said...

Yay for wonderful husbands! Have some yummy food for me too!

kristi noser said...

Every pregnant woman should have a husband like Jared. Way to go Jared, you are the mostest wonderfulest.