Monday, March 03, 2008

It's a Girl!

Eva (Ā-va) Rose Borggren

was born at 4:29am, on March 3rd, 2008!
7lbs. 15oz
21" long

Mom and baby are doing great! Cara went in to the hospital yesterday evening to get induced and then go home. By 12:30am, she was on her way back to the hospital. She said she went from 6cm-10cm in 5 minutes and then gave one big push and Eva entered the world! Her doctor didn't even make it in time. Talk about making it look easy Cara! I want to cry because life is just so not fair. We love you so much, and already love little Eva. She is beautiful! Emma will make a great big sister.

Welcome Eva Rose!


Katie R. said...

How fun for you all to have your babies at the same time. Welcome Eva, glad you made it safe and sound.

carrie said...

She is adorable. The little pouty mouth and button nose!

erin said...

Welcome, little baby!

Cara said...


Thank you.