Friday, March 28, 2008

Lost it

My mind went on vacation today.

I decided this morning that it was a perfect day for Sophia and me to go visit Jared at work. Sophia's first field trip! We got ready, and headed out the door at 9:30. The plan was to surprise Jared with one of those fancy new gourmet coffees from McDonald's and some sandwhiches. I got about five minutes down the road, when I realized I didn't have the stroller. I was not going to carry Miss Sophie all day! She is getting heavy! I turned around and got the stroller. By 9:55, we were back on the road again. When I looked at the clock I thought, Perfect! McD's stops serving breakfast at 10am. I want a double cheeseburger, not a breakfast sandwhich.

I entered the freeway, and quickly weighed out my options. 494? Or 35E to 7th St? I will go 494, the traffic shouldn't be bad this time of day.

About twenty minutes later, it hit me that McDonald's is on 7th St. I had no clue if or where there is a McD's on 494. Arg. I scanned to my left and right for the remainder of the trip, but did not spot a McDonald's anywhere. Grrr.

As I approached the airport, I tried to remember which exit Jared told me to take. He said to take the Humphrey Terminal exit. Got it. As the green road signs flew overhead, I read them carefully. I came upon one that was right in front of the airport that read "34 Ave Terminals." Well, that can't be it. It says nothing about Humph.... Oh. There is the Humphrey sign, halfway down the exit. So I got off on the next exit, got stuck on a one way street for awhile, finally got turned around and made it safely to the airport at 10:35, without any coffee or sandwhiches.


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-V- said...

What an adventure! :-) There's always a bright side; McD's up by my work stops serving breakfast at 10:30; had you made it there for a double cheeseburger, you might have been disappointed anyway. :-)