Monday, April 16, 2012

38 Weeks

I'm feeling a little frustrated and discouraged. I really believed I would be holding Bambino right now. I thought for sure, I would go this weekend, because my body has been acting very... weird. I posted last Monday that I felt crampy/contracty, but then the rest of the week my body got... confused. There were two nights this week that I had contractions every 10 mins or so, and started to get excited. But the strange part is, that I only got the contractions when I was laying down. When I got up to move around, they would stop immediately. We even tried several methods to "encourage" labor, but pretty much every attempt would kill any contractions altogether. For example, I would deplete all my energy going on a mile-long power walk, then be frustrated when I didn't get even one contraction. So I'd go take a three hour nap, during which I would get several contractions. Then arise from my nap, and not get another contraction for hours. What the heck?

Obviously baby is not ready to come out yet, which is fine. I just wish it would stop teasing me. I expect baby to make an appearance this week. If I have to write a 39 week update, don't expect it to be a very peachy one.

My current state of being: my low back really hurts (not the low dull ache of labor, more like sharp, shooting pain). My hips are loose and shoot intense pain every time I stand up, causing me to hobble like an 80-year-old. Sleep is... frustrating. There is no comfortable way to sleep on a watermelon every night. (Go head, give it a try.)

I know it's almost over, and we will meet baby soon, and then I will be the happiest woman in the world! My temporary discomforts will be gone (replaced by new ones), but at least I will have the overriding joy of having baby in my arms.

38 weeks


April Watson said...

Hang in there, girl! I know it's tough. I went to 41 weeks with Jack and 41 1/2 with Liam. The mental game was by far the hardest. I'll be praying for you this week. You're gonna do awesome!

Kara Jo said...

Oh I can sooo feel your pain! I always delivered "early" too (36 weeks, 38, 37, & 38, respectively)and it about drives you insane when your body is ACTING like it could be any time...and then the days tick by. April said it--the mental game is the toughest.
I won't give you any advice. I'll just say I get it. And that I'm SO excited for you to have another wee one in your arms soon!

Margaret said...

You still look so beautiful!

allen's paradise said...

u are a great mother! best wishes to you !

Tannele Kozak said...

I know exactly how you feel. Illarion was due Sept 4 and I was soooooo ready for him to come Aug 14. He decided to wait until Sept 2. I'm going to be praying for your pain. I had lower back pain & bursitis in my hips. It made labor very painful. I don't want you to go through any of that!! Illarion is definitely going to hear his labor story when he is older. :)

Francesca @ Francesca Writes Here said...

I hope you don't have a 39 week update! I hope you are holding your bambino very soon :-)