Monday, April 09, 2012

37 Weeks

My body continues to prepare for Baby's arrival! Over the weekend, my body felt pretty calm, energized and normal (which was wonderful for all the Easter mayhem.) But this morning I woke up feeling crampy again. We went to my 37 week check up first thing, and was very encouraged to learn I am dilated to 2cm now! I also found out I am Group B positive again (I was with Jalzyn too), which means I will just need to get some antibiotics during labor, but it will not interfere with my water birth plans. Everything else looks great.

After my appointment, my cramps turned into some contractions painful enough to make me slow my pace and breath deeply. I was hit by a wave of exhaustion by lunchtime, so I laid down for a 3 hour nap. But as soon as I was up and moving around again, the cramp/contractions started right back up. Nothing consistent. I am still a little surprised how early all of this is happening. I really feel like labor could start anytime, and I am only 37 weeks today. But who knows, it could be another two weeks.

Over the weekend, all these changes in my body put me into a bit of a panic mode, trying to remember everything that "should" get done before baby's arrival. Stocking the fridge, cleaning the house (for the 58th time), packing bags for the kids, etc. I got some of that accomplished, but concluded it is difficult to be prepared when I don't know if I will go tomorrow, or in two weeks. So I just have to keep up on all of these things?? Sigh. I'm tired.

37 weeks


The Smackeys said...

You are looking gorgeous!!!

Kara Jo said...

I just have to say I'm so excited for you!