Wednesday, July 25, 2012

July 25th

This is not a post I particularly want to write, but I am forcing myself to.

Today is July 25th. A date that will be permenantly engraved in my mind.

I have been grimacing at my calendar for the past month, watching this day approach. I have cringed every time I see the date, slowly bringing me one day closer to this one.

One year ago today was one of the most difficult days of my life. I lost my precious baby to a miscarriage. We named that baby Flynn Vidal (Full of life!), and we buried him in our front garden. I am grateful for the brief life he had growing inside of me, and rejoice knowing that our sweet baby is in his forever-home in heaven now. That he is in Jesus' presence. That he is not experiencing the pain of this world, but instead marveling in God's love and mercy.

But I also mourn the life we missed out on. Flynn would have been 4 months old now. It is a difficult thing to bury your child, no matter how small.

Here is a video we made last year, when we had a "Celebration of Life" in honor of Flynn.

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Brenda said...

If there is one thing I am sure of, Grandma Jan has been touching little Flynn's life in every way. I imagine her reading to him, cuddling and holding him while rocking him while she sings him a sweet song. Jan would teaching him about his wonderful family he has yet to meet. Flynn is blessed to have his lord and grandma's arms wrapped around him tight. God Bless your family.