Friday, July 27, 2012

The Mom Diet

Let me make something very clear. I love to eat.

My children are my diet plan. My kids were born with a sixth sense... the food sense. Every time (EV.ER.Y.TIME) I fix myself a snack, a meal, a morsel, my children's sixth sense kicks in and they appear out of nowhere to devour my food and after every crumb is obliterated, they vanish just as quickly as they appeared.

I figure that I actually only consume about 1/4 of whatever I take. So when I get overly excited and take too much, I still only eat a small portion. This works pretty well for all of us. I imagine someday this will not happen, and then I will actually have to control my own portions. But for now, I suppose am glad to share.


Kara Jo said...

Ha! I find this also works well with foods my kids won't eat otherwise. If mom's eating it & not offering them any, it must be worth coveting & mooching over.

Francesca @ Francesca Writes Here said...

Oh, I know the feeling. Sometimes I try to be selfish and hide in the kitchen to eat chocolate. I usually get caught out though :-)

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