Monday, March 26, 2012

35 Weeks

Baby and I have been enjoying all of the sunshine this week! So in honor of Sunny March 2012, we took our picture outside this week! We have been spending every day playing outside, eating lunch on the deck, and taking in all the vitamin D we can get! I hope hope hope that it is this nice out when Bambino decides to join us on the outside.

I continue to have LOTS of strong contractions-- about 5-6 per hour or so. We will find out at our next appointment (36 weeks) if all these contractions are making progress for labor. Any head start I can get would be fabulous! At my last appointment (34 weeks), I measured exactly 34. My BP is still excellent, so no snags there for my planned water birth. Baby's heart rate was 140bpm. Starting next week, I will begin weekly appointments, and get checked for dilation/effacement. We are in the home stretch!

The heart burn that plagued me last week has subsided! I am feeling "good" this week compared to last. I am still uncomfortable at night, and feel like my water just might break from all the pressure every time I stand up, but for the most part, I am not feeling too terrible this week.

As the time draws near to meet sweet babe, I find myself getting ever more excited, but also a titch nervous (which took me by surprise!). I am not generally the type to feel nervous about my upcoming birth, but this time I am a little, for unbeknownst reasons. Because this pregnancy has seemed to last FOR.EV.ER, I am surprised to feel a flutter in my stomach when I realize I may be holding our sweet little one in my ARMS in 3 weeks. That's coming up fast! But the excitement of that thought is winning out over the nerves.

Until next week, dear readers! Adieu!

35 weeks

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erin said...

WHY OH WHY do you get so much spam??? Annoying.
Anyway, CONGRATULATIONS! You are looking lovely!

Naomi said...

Erin, tell me about it! It making me SO MAD that I have to go delete a bunch of spam every single time I post. I don't know why I get so much!