Sunday, March 18, 2012

34 Weeks

Okay... what can I say? I am having "issues" now that I didn't experience until week 38 before. Example, this baby is suddenly so big and heavy that it is already forcing me to run for the bathroom at least every 45 minutes. This is very anti-productive, Folks. And very annoying. Example #2: The sudden heaviness has also caused constant back pain. Example #3: I have shin splints today from... living. Just the normal walking around the house. WHAT? What is happening to me? Example #4: I end most days by slumping onto the couch (or bed) and feeling so much relief from the uncomfortable pain that I cry. Tears of frustration and relief mingled.

This morning, while getting dressed for church, I broke my dress trying to pull it over my huge, weird body. So I did what any normal pregnant woman would do... I sat down on the floor of my closet and cried for awhile. Then I sewed my dress, because I really didn't have many other suitable options. I ran into that problem a lot this week. I would dig through my drawers, be delighted to find that "roomy" shirt that I know is comfortable and covers everything, only to find when I slip it over my head that it is no longer roomy, and no longer comfortable. I must have had a growth spurt. I had approximately 5 people tell me TODAY that I suddenly look huge.

I am feeling so close to the end in so many ways (and I am) but still have a ways to go in reality. I have a good 4-6 weeks left, which sounds like an awfully long time to go on like this...

I haven't mentioned my appetite lately. It has been a little lower than normal this week, due to the hot weather I believe. I don't ever feel as hungry when I am hot. The things I have been really enjoying this week: cold oranges, sugar snap pea pods, strawberries and chips with my mom's homemade salsa. I have also been craving a vanilla milkshake, which is odd because for the most part ice cream is not appealing. Along with appetite, I should mention that Midnight gives me heartburn. No joke. I get severe heartburn almost every night now. At midnight.

Speaking of the weather... we have been having 80 degree weather this week in MARCH! It is like a dream come true. I LOVE the sunshine. I am one of those people who should live in Florida. But I married a man who should live in Alaska. So we compromise with the upper midwest. I hope with all my heart that the weather is like this when I go into labor. With the sun shining down on me, a certain euphoria takes over and I feel like I could do anything. That would be a reeeally great feeling to have during labor.

34 weeks


Lady Scarlett said...

Bless you honey, it sounds like you're going through it. The dress looks absolutely beautiful though :)

Kara Jo said...

Ah! You took your photo in your gorgeous maternity dress--LOVE! you look gorgeous in it, too! From the way you look you could easily fool us all into thinking this is easy peasy for you. I'm sorry for the heartburn, and the clothes not fitting, and the constant peeing, and the backache...all of that. No fun. Maybe you will only have 3 weeks left instead of 4? One can hope, right? :)

Miss A. Marie said...

You are so pretty!!! I love your dress <3

Annabelle said...

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