Thursday, June 17, 2010

Hair School for SAHMs

Many of you know that I have a particular interest in hair cutting, but never got the chance to be formally trained. I have been lucky enough to practice on willing family members though. For Mother's Day, Jared gave me a haircutting DVD training series. Here are the results of my first cut...

Before- side view
After- side view

Side view

Back view

Back/side view


Ariel said...

Really cool! But now I'm curious about the heads... How do they grown new hair for the next cut? Do they have interchangeable wigs or something? The cuts look fantastic!

angie said...

way to go! mrs. head looks fantastic. :) i can't (shouldn't?) even handle trimming my bangs, and i only have one kiddo!

Naomi said...

The mannequinn heads start with hair about 20 inches long, and ion school, they practice long cuts, then medium, then short, and work their way up, and use each head for 5-10 cuts, hair dyes, perm rolling, etc. The schools have it all planned out to get the most out of each head (students get 5 mannequinn heads typically for trainging). I just bought this one used at a thrift store. So I'll probably get 2 more short cuts out of it, then it's just trash.

erin said...

I'll say it again: YOU ARE AMAZING!

Anonymous said...

Wow, Naomi! I love it!! Great job!!!