Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Yesterday was blazin hot, so I brought the kids on an impulsive trip to the beach (as in, they were already strapped in the car to go to Wal-Mart, and I decided the beach was a better idea. Luckily I always keep our beach bag packed, so I just had to grab it and go.)

Their reaction to being at the beach

Literally the second we plopped our stuff down and laid out the towel, the lifeguards called everyone out of the water for a 15 minute "safety break." So we played in the sand.

Though she can't say it yet, I know she meant "You are the best mom, ever."


Into the water!!!

They had soooooooo much fun splashing, running, falling, scooping, digging, pouring, screaming, and laughing.
This is what makes it all worth while...
(cuz believe me, 3 babies and 1 mama at the beach on a busy day is not loads of fun for the Mama)
Even Brodes kicked back and relaxed on the beach


erin said...

You are AMAZING.
I couldn't have done it. That's for sure.

carrie said...

with how hot it was, I'm sure you could do anything if you wanted it bad enough.

angie said...

oh sister, this is inspiration for when i someday have a crew of my own. your babes CLEARLY know you're the best mama. way to go! what a fun adventure.