Thursday, June 03, 2010

100% GIRL

Sophia is 100% girl. She loves make up. She loves dresses. She loves singing. She loves dancing. She beams when she feels pretty. Every time I sneak away to put my make up on, Sophia faithfully finds me and wants make up on too "like Mama." So I found an old eye shadow and lipstick that I never use, and put it in a small make-up bag for Sophia.

Applying the lipstick

All finished!
This is what she did as soon as she finished putting her make-up on...
"My make-up... Make-up, I so happy! (Falls to floor)... I so pritty!!!"
Her reaction when she saw her makeover in the mirror


Jodi said...

That is SO CUTE!!

Kara Jo said...

LOL! I love the succession...her carefree dancing feeling so pretty, and then her reaction to herself in the mirror. I'm still LOL! Just curious--have you read the book "Captivating?"