Monday, May 26, 2008


Jared and I drove up to Hugo this evening to survey the damage. The two developments that were hit the hardest by the tornado on Sunday (May 25th) were Creekview Perserve, and Water's Edge. Our house is in the Water's Edge development. Here is what we found...

Our next door neighbor told us she saw hail the size of grapefruits

Most of the siding in our entire development looked like this, or worse
Holey siding, dented gutter

Hail damage on the siding and gutter

Hail damage on the gutter

Little pieces of siding littered the ground everywhere you'd look

Hail damage

Hail damage

These houses had their roofs torn off, and one had the whole front of the house ripped off
Another view of the torn up homes near us

You can see this same water tower looking out our kitchen window
To give you an idea of how close these houses are to ours, you'll see the torn up houses on the far left, the water tower in the middle and the school on the right. Anyone who has been to our house will realize that we live just across the street from the school. I'd say this damage was less than 1/2 mile away from our house.

Tornado path from aerial view. Our house is circled in red.

We were very lucky. God was watching over our house. We have very minimal damage compared to many people. We were not able to get close to any of the totally destroyed homes, but we do know they were less than a mile from our house. We have taken walks in that neighborhood on several occasions.


Mandi said...

I am so glad to hear this all turned out okay. I was worried!

God definately WAS watching over you!

Rich said...


I like the 'rent our townhome' on the right. Too funny.

erin said...

Oh my goodness!
I'm so glad God was protecting you and your home!

Anonymous said...

How scary!! I am so happy that you all are okay and that your house had only minimal damage. Aaron was up in Hugo today for work and said it was pretty sad.


Carla said...

I thought of you and yours when I heard Hugo was hit.