Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Business or Pleasure?

Apparently both.

My dearest husband left yesterday morning to catch a week of Florida sunshine with his BFF Richard. This was the cause of much excitement, and anticipation, as Jared needed a vacation reeeally bad. He deserves a week of carefree relaxation.

They are staying with Rich's dad. When we talked on the phone last night, and he was recounting his first day of glorious vacation, I almost puked when he told me that he and Rich spent most of the afternoon fixing some one's boat engine. Today, they went back to do more work on the boat. They were also asked to fix some one's car.

I'm sorry but, WHAT THE HELL?? Give Jared and Rich a freaking break for just 5 days!! They have been fixing things for people non-stop for weeks, which is the whole reason Jared needed a vacation in the first place.


kristi noser said...

WTH indeed. He's just too nice--if there is such a thing.
But on the other hand, better that than a man who won't do anything for anyone, right?

Cara said...

Tell us how you REALLY feel. Just kidding--I totally agree with you! They should play more video games....or something like that!

erin said...

NO. There are enough video games.
Despite the work, I think they are having fun. : )
I might need a little vacation by the time they get back, though...

Naomi said...

Jared hasn't played video games in months. I know that at least Jared needed a vacation. I agree, it sounds like they are having a lot of fun. But still. Stupid.