Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Soup of the Day

Waitress: "Soup or salad?"
Naomi: "What is the soup of the day?"
W: "Tomato basil, chicken fajita, and chicken noodle."
N: "Okay, I'll take the salad if there is no cheddi broccler. "

Man, I need some sleep.


erin said...

How ya doin' momma?

-V- said...

There are only a couple places I know of that serve cheddi broccler soup... ;-)

kristi noser said...

cheddi broccler. OMS that is gooood.
Good thing you weren't at the fire station looking at the vehicles, ifyaknowwhatimean.

Naomi said...

hahahaha! Had to think about that one for a minute. I thought over the possibilities in my head and when I got it, my eyes got real wide.

-V- said...

Just did the same thing ordering lunch at 'The Nectary' today... I blame you. :-)