Wednesday, January 09, 2008


Sometimes I forget that God has such a great sense of humor. At times, I mistakenly view Him as a solemn, loving and tender God, but not one with any kind of humorous side. Today I was visiting my recent memories of pregnancy and childbirth and realized that God sprinkled a good helping of humor into this process. To begin with, ALL of the "private parts" are really funny looking! Then, once a woman is pregnant, her belly gets REALLY REALLY big. When the time is up, she pushes really hard and another human being pops out of one of the holes in her body. It's really is funny if you ponder the whole idea. You've got to sit and think about it for awhile, and suddenly you will see the humor mixed in with the miracle.

What things have you found best display God's humor?

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erin said...

Flamingos, giraffes, and making men and women so different and then attracting us to each other.