Monday, January 07, 2008

My Baby Robbed Me...

...of precious brain cells.

Apparently, the forgetfulness and clumsiness of pregnancy does not disappear when the tummy does.

Things That Have Slipped My Mind Lately...

1. Forgetting I let Bumper out... a half an hour ago. (So not allowed in our association!)
2. Misplacing all of the expensive hair cutting tools Jared just bought me for my birthday. (Still gone)
3. Loosing my Visa card at Wal-Mart. I set it down after swiping it, and apparently never picked it up again. (Glad I at least remembered where I used it last)
4. Load after load of laundry, souring in the washing machine.
5. Leaving a soaking wet rug on the bathroom floor, which created a huge puddle.
6. Ordering cocoa for my sister-in-law... a full week after she asked me to do it.
7. Not realizing I left the diaper bag at my friend's house until 25 minutes later when I got home.
8. Forgetting to bring Sophia's blanket, at least 50% of the times we leave home. (NOT a good thing. Babies need their blankets.)

General Clumsiness...
1. Shoving coffee mug onto top shelf next to stemware only to see two wine glasses falling to their death out of the corner of my eye. They SHATTERED. I cried.
2. Tripping over any and every thing in my path, at least 10 times a day.

These lists could go on and on, but frankly, I can't remember everything I was going to put on them.

Bottom Line: Having Sophia is so worth it.


jim said...


Having you was soooo worth it too!!!!

Love you,


erin said...

Cute post!
Sorry about the wine glasses. I would have cried, too.
Your comb for highlighting is at my house. I don't have the scissors, though. But I will look just to be sure.
Love you.