Saturday, November 10, 2007

Down in Flames

I lost a part of my brain during pregnancy that apparently I will never regain.
Read the line running across the top of the page in this photo (click on photo to enlarge):

Obviously, an important piece of paper. It is the form we were supposed to have notarized* in order to receive an official birth certificate for Sophia. Last night I was making dinner. Jared had some paperwork sorted on the counter that was spilling onto the stove. I was too distracted to move it. I put the pot of rice on the stove, flipped the burner on HIGH, and started washing some dishes. Within a minute, I smelled something burning. I turned to check the rice, and saw an entire pile of paperwork smouldering. I had turned on the wrong burner. I dashed to the stove and grabbed the papers, which instantly burst into flames. I threw them in the sink and sprayed them to death. That's when the fire alarms started chiming in unison. That's when Jared dashed up from the basement. That's when he told me which papers I had just burned. That's when the floodgates opened and I sobbed uncontrollably.
*Yes Erin and Brandy, this happened right after I talked to you about notarizing this for us.


Katie R. said...

I'm so happy no harm came to anyone or your home. Thanks to your quick reflexes. Your mind may be "other places" at times but it evens out with superhero reflexes. Really!

erin said...

Oh, NO!!!
I'm so sorry!
Can you get another one?
I'll notarize the charred copy if you want me to.
I love you THAT much. : )