Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Rockin at the Rock Concert

Nickelback Concert! That is where Jared took me on our hot date last night! It was awesome! The night started out at Rancheros with delicious fajitas. Then we ran down to the Target Center in time to listen Chris Daughtry jam for almost an hour, followed by Stain. Then the big guns came out-- Nickelback! There were sparks flying on the stage behind them, flames shooting in time to the music, and lots of mist wafting through the air. By the end of the concert, the room was so hazy with mist that it was difficult to see the people on the floor in the general admission section. We sat three rows from the back wall, in the uppermost level. We were nearly as far away as you can possibly get, but I didn't care at all.

I'm sure that Presh got a pretty good concert too, cuz we could feel the bass pumpin' through the room. I have read that babies can hear low-pitch tones, like bass, in the womb. I am pretty sure Presh was a fan, cuz that baby was dancin' and groovin' to the beat!

Sorry, no pictures. Jared told me to leave the camera in the car, at which point I was still unaware of where we were headed.


Katie R. said...

I "went along" to a Chicago concert with my parents before I was born. I don't remember a thing but I DO like their music. Maybe your baby will buy a Nickleback Greatest Hits CD someday?

erin said...

I bet it will!