Monday, July 16, 2007

All I Need Are My Fiskars

This morning I woke up and looked at myself in the mirror. I had had enough. I got probably the best haircut I have ever received about 3 weeks ago. I LOVE my haircut. It always sits beautifully, and is very easy to upkeep. I am usually able to stretch my style for as long as 2-3 days in between washings by adding a few strategic bursts of hairspray. This is especially wonderful these days, since I am quickly loosing energy to spend time in the morning styling my blond locks.
One little problem: perfect haircut + pregnancy hormones = hair growing at a rapid speed. Now, I forked out more for this haircut than we spend on groceries in a week (sorry Kristi), and am not about to plunge into our meager bank account again FOR A TRIM. (Now there's another whole story about how I feel on charging the same amount for a trim, as for a completely life-changing, dramatic haircut. Maybe I will feel differently after cosmetology school.) But a trim was definitely in order. You see, when she cut my hair, she cut it at the perfect length, which means that as soon as it started growing, it was too long. I really do see the strategy in this-- it would bring the salon-going crowd back every 3-4 weeks, which means more $$ for Ms. Haircutter. I, however, am too stingy to pay that much once a month.

So... No problemo! I grabbed my best pair of Fiskars today and hacked away. Looks just like it did the day I left the salon. I am pretty proud of my self-administered trim. Free of charge.


erin said...

Photos. We must have photos.
You just may have the knack for being a hairstylist!

Mandi said...

I know you said you were thinking about going back to school. You can practice on my hair/nails/whatever WHENEVER you want. My hair grows fast, and I quickly lose my layers. Let me know if you ever want to bust out the fiskars again!