Thursday, April 12, 2007

Stuck in the Middle

Right now I am at that akward stage in every pregnancy, where my normal clothing no longer flatters my growing belly, and yet, maternity clothing looks like a giant potato sack draped over my body.
I found this especially true as I sorted through my closet today. I packed away much of my normal clothes, and replaced it with the few maternity pieces I have aquired. As I packed away my clothes, I could not help but wonder whether or not that was the last time I would every be able to wear some of those outfits. Would I have to start all over after the baby is born and my body is changed forever? Then I began to wonder if I would even like the style of these clothes after I became a mother. I don't feel like a dress very "motherly" now. Will I end up being one of those matronly dressers, at the young age of 24? Or will I be able to maintain that hip, young mother style? These thoughts got me so flustered and bittersweetly sad, that I played loud rocker music, and rocked out while completing my task. It made me feel a little more my age I guess.
After calming my worries, I realized I know a lot of really awesome moms, some hip, some not, but awesome just the same. I guess it does not really matter what someone wears. Heck, if none of these clothes fit me, then I guess I will be forced into a shopping trip, and who can be upset about that?


erin said...

It's time for baby bump photos!
It's fun to read about your plans and future! Love you!

kristi noser said...

Thrift store, baby, thrift store.

Katie R. said...

During that in-between time I used hair scrunchies to go through the top button hole and button. It might give ya a couple weeks. You just have to wear longer shirts to cover up the "adjustment".